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                                    TRACTOR TREK 2016

A few photos and videos of the 2016 Tractor Trek. There were 46 tractors participating on the run which was principally on back roads and tracks. As usual, the drivers have a good time!!

After the smoko break the Trek resumed the journey on the 17 Mile.

     THE 2017 TREK

The video was taken half an hour into the Trek , outside the Mt Sylvia School as they turned eastward on Left Hand Branch Rd. A bigger turnout this year with 58 entrants booked in at the start.

Here's a few shots of the participating tractors waiting for the briefing and start.

.......and out the gate and on their way

Some good press in local paper  :

                              Trek 2018

Video taken on Balam Hill, The Buaraba Ck Road turn off , and Petersens Road

2019 Trek

This year we even got on to the local TV News

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