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Special Interest Vehicle Scheme for Registration of your Vehicle

This is an unofficial summary of your permitted usage under the Concessional Registration Scheme.

To read and understand the full regulation you MUST go to the Department Web Site and CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF.

Restricted Vehicle Use;

Vehicles registered under the scheme have certain limitations placed on their use. This is reflected in the reduced fees and compulsory third party insurance premium. Registered operators must confine their vehicle’s use to:

* participating in rallies organised by incorporated vehicle clubs

* participating in processions for which a Special Events Permit has been issued under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management –Accreditation and Other Provisions) Regulation 2005

* exhibiting the vehicle in displays, fetes or similar functions conducted for religious, charitable or educational purposes

*ceremonial purposes (weddings, formals) involving immediate family members provided this is not done for fee or reward. Immediate family means parents, grandparents, sons, daughters, grandchildren but not extended family relationships such as nephews and nieces

* preparing for, proceeding to, and returning from the above activities

* direct travel to and from an Approved Inspection Station (AIS) for the purposes of obtaining a safety certificate before offering the vehicle for sale

* travel in order to have the vehicle repaired. There is no distance restriction in these circumstances however, such travel must be reasonable and justifiable by the vehicle operator

* road testing within a 30km radius from the place where the vehicle is garaged or is being repaired. The purpose of the travel must be to road test the vehicle following repair or restoration, or for general vehicle maintenance and not for any other purpose. This does not include use as an everyday means of transport. A passenger may travel in your vehicle to assist with road testing—only if your vehicle can legally carry passengers.

Click on the LINK Tab at the top of the page and scroll down to find the link to the Transport Dept. page on Concessional Registration..

It is YOUR responsibility to read and understand your obligations under this scheme.

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