Read about the last Falcon and some history of the Aussie Ute : 



On 2nd Dec.1927 the Model A Ford was released, 6 months after the last T was produced. It started its reign by setting a record 90 hours to cover a 3280 mile trip. Price of a new Tourer? $395 ( US)

Car Wash 1924 style

In 1916 every major city had body builders who could supply the body type you needed. Here is a selection from The Queensland Motor Agency Ltd. 

Of particular interest to local LAMA members will be this 1916  Model T in the livery of "Linnings Bakery Glamorganvale". Glamorganvale is a small settlement these days , with a Pub and a School.

It is a popular place for Bike and Car clubs to vist and stop for refreshments.

 In years past  the settlement was much busier and larger than today. There was a Bakery and a Dairy factory to service the local community.

Hudson Fysh was the founder of QANTAS airline. Here is his how he travelled the outback to establish routes . They were tough and resilient at the turn of the 20th centuary!!!

The Holden Story
A You Tube video from the '80's Quantam programme on the ABC.
Part 2 follows on, and is displayed on the right side of the screen when viewing Part 1.
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