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This information about Impromptu Runs from Qld Transport Web Page :

  • an impromptu event is an event that has been initiated by a club member, involves one or more vehicles, and must comply with the following elements:

    • involves an invitation to wider club members to attend the event; and

    • is either

      • endorsed in advance of the event by the relevant club or Australian Street Rod Federation committee; or,

      • where it exists, complies with published club guidelines as to what is a valid event; and

    • is listed either in the newsletter, on the website, or social media page (or in another manner approved by the club or Australian Street Rod Federation, such as the club calendar of events) prior to the event.

Note: Incorporated vehicle clubs should maintain a register of endorsed impromptu events. This register should contain information on the impromptu event. 

                                                   LAMA MEMBER IMPROMPTU RUNS

To initiate an Impromptu Run a Member should contact the Webmaster who will publish details on this page, after consultation with the Executive for approval. Information required will be Date / Time / Start Point / Destination.

Contact details will not be published on the Web Page but should be provided so the Secretary can provide members that information by Email.

Members who initiate Impromptu Runs must be prepared to share the run with other interested members.

Thursday 21st March 2024 a funeral will be held for Laurie Topp at the Catholic Church Helidon at 10.30am. Tractor enthusiasts who are attending with their tractors are requested to meet at Laurie's home 9am Thursday. Members with cars who would like to attend are requested to meet at Lake Apex at 9.30am Thursday. 

21st, 22nd, and 23rd February Ray Ditchman has organised a family run to Kalbar, leaving Grantham 10am on the 21st February.  

7th February 2024 Gordon Russ has organised an Invitation Lunch at the Colonial Cafe Gatton, meeting at Midday.

12th January 2024 Ray Ditchman is organising a run to Barry Wilks funeral.  Departing Lake Apex 9.00am. 

 7th January 2024 Robin Lamb, Gatton to Withcott , depart circa 11am and Lunch and return. Contact Robin if you want to attend. 

6th January 2024 Tony Howard Family Drive in Model T Upper Tenthill to Lake Apex in Gatton and Lunch then return. Depart circa 11 am.

9 February 2023 Tony Howard run to Allora. Depart Tenthill Shop 12.30 pm. Return later in afternoon 

15 January 2023 Tony Howard run to Warwick / Swan Creek / Clifton/ Allora /Spring Creek Caravan Park. Depart MaMa Creek 0730. Return in afternoon.

23/24 November 2022 The Swap Committee will be setting signage in place to promote Lockyer Swap at the Laidley Motor Cycle Swap on the 27th. Removal of signage will be the following Monday and Tuesday.

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