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          MAY 5th 2024

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The Organisation

L.A.M.A. was founded in 1992 by a group of people with an interest in having an historic motor club in the Lockyer Valley.

In 1993 they held their first Swap and their first annual Rally, both events are still going strong today.

Club Patron :    Jim McDonald, Member for Lockyer.

      Management Committee

President           Doug Peace

Vice President   Gordon Russ 

Secretary           Jan Daly

 Treasurer          Roy Wheeler

  General Committee:

Asst. Sec./Treas.  Carolyn Becker

Runs & Social       Ernie Taylor/ Robin Lamb

Tractor Trek          Des Poole / Merv Hodges  

Swap Meet            Tony Howard/ Ernie Taylor

Dating Officer         Graham Andrew /  Gordon Russ   

QHMC                      Ernie Taylor / Robin Lamb

Webmaster             Tony Howard

Editor                       Robin Lamb

Equipment Officer   Mal Dionysius

Liability Insurance Policy – OAMPS Insurance Brokers   Policy No. 70A018002PRL/PAD



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Life Membership awarded to long time members Gordon and Jeanette Russ in appreciation for their years of dedication to the club.

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A few LAMA Cars

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